Hey everybody,
It’s time for another beauty review from my kitty :DSo today I would be reviewing the product that I frequently use i.e. the Garnier Pure Active Blackheads Uprooting Scrub.
So to begin with here is what Garnier claims:-
1) Salicylic Acid :An excellent exfoliating ingredient that deeply purifies pores
2) HerbaRepair : a natural active extracted from Vaccinium myrtillus (extract from Blueberry), known for its exceptional regenerating & skin repairing properties* *tested

Mind you, it has a secret to.. ssshhh here it is- An unprecedented association in the formula which fights imperfections and their marks.
Price-  INR 150/- for 100g.
Shelf Life- 36 months.
My experience with this uprooting scrub.
As I started getting a lot of blackheads recently especially around my nose, I thought I would try this as it was very much affordable considering the price and the quantity. This product comes in a tubular packing and the scrub is like a gel that can be easily applied over the face while at the same time gently spread over to the most affected areas of your face and T-zone. The scrubbing granules are very soft on the skin and doesn’t hurt at all .Over continuous usage, I did see a little bit of reduction in my blackheads as well as no signs of occurrence of new ones. What I totally loved about this product was the subtle minty smell and the ice cool feeling it gave to my face when I washed it off. Trust me guys, the feeling is just Ice Ice baby :D. The coolness remains for quite some time, and I also noticed that my face looked cleaner, softer and fresh, these being the major plus points for me as I have an oily skin.
So, to make it sweet and short.
1. Affordable.
2. Travel friendly.
3. Salic acid for purification of pores and those acne problems.
4. Can be applied to all skin types.
5. Cleaner, fresher and softer skin.
6. Easily available at almost all stores.
7. Ice cool feeling a big plus especially during the summertime sadness.
8. Reduces blackheads and eliminates them from coming again.
1. May not work that well on a person having a lot of blackheads.
2. The minty smell may not appeal to all.
3. Suits better as a face wash
4. Does not really prevent marks.
So guys, overall this is a good product for those of you want a budget friendly blackheads uprooting scrub which also works great as a face wash. I really love the cooling effect it gives to my face. In fact, quite a number of times I use this product just for the cooling, fresher and soft skin effect.
I definitely would be buying this product again as it works well for me.
My rating for this Garnier scrub would be 3.7/5.
If you guys have tried it or would like to try it after reading my review on the same, please do leave a comment below and tell me your personal experiences. I would love to hear from you guys 😀