I am often referred to as Khumbhakarna’s daughter or a sleeping beauty because when it comes to having a sound sleep or falling asleep for long hours I always walk away with the first prize.

I sleep like a baby who has no tensions at all, and sleeping is my favourite job actually. I am often told that all I do is work eat and sleep, the latter contributing major part of my life.

However it’s rather unfortunate that during that time of the month my sleep is not only disturbed but is totally hampered leading to sleeping ugly or getting no sleep at all.

During the period days it’s like my body is on strike and refuses to sleep no matter how hard I try. My whole body is at attention, trying as hard as possible not to stain the bed sheets and bed covers.

All I do during period sleep nights are me tossing, turning kicking etc.etc. It’s like from sleeping beauty I turn into a sleeping beast. These 5-7 days feel like jail as no matter what I try or what special night pad I use, my body reuses to have a sound sleep like the other days.


I bet almost every girl would agree to me that period days=sleepless nights. It’s the time of the month when no matter how tired or exhausted you are, a peaceful sleep still eludes us.

I bet all the ladies would be ready to pay anything to get rid of #SleepingUgly during the period days in order to sleep peacefully all night long.

Sofy Bodyfit Overnight Unicharm’s latest launch of night pads is the man of the dreams of every woman out there.


This revolutionary pad is not like the other ordinary pads. This napkin comes in 2 lengths XXL 350 mm and XXXL 420 MM. XXXL is the longest napkin in India and has a wider hip guard which covers your panty from the back for extra coverage.

The amazing Flexi-Absorb System helps the napkin twist-turn with your body to prevent leakage. So no matter how you sleep it won’t be a problem at all.


Also the Double Absorbent Core absorbs from night till morning leaving aside the tension of waking up in the middle of the night to check and change.

These new innovative features by Sofy are a real boon for women to have a peaceful sleep.

So what are you waiting for, come join the peaceful period sleep revolution with #SofyOvernight by buying it here

Disclaimer- Product sent by brand; however my opinion and thoughts are true and honest.

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