It’s that time of the month when nothing seems right. It feels like the whole world has turned topsy-turvy and all I can think of is watching Netflix while having hot chocolate 😀

Yes! Yes! I am talking of those uncomfortable 3-5-7 days of the month when the pain and discomfort cannot be taken care of in a happier manner that we could think of.

It’s unfortunate that even in the 21st century, our society still considers talking about periods a taboo linking it to age old traditions, very unfair to women.

Thankfully there are some brands that think ahead and tackle this taboo in a happy and loving manner making the lives of women easier and happier.

Cosset the new period subscription box that was launched on 28th May 2016 would make every woman feel a queen of her world even on those difficult days.


We all have issues remembering our dates for the next month and invariably running out of supplies. Now you needn’t worry as Cosset not just delivers your supplies well in advance but also throws in your box some comfort foods, pampering items and of course some surprise gifts.

cosset 2

All you need to do is follow these steps.

1) Select your period essentials. You can pick three packs which I feel are sufficiently enough.

2) Next, you need to select the type of box, either the basic which contains only sanitary napkins or the Indulgence where besides your choice of sanitary napkins, there’s comfort foods, pampering items and some handpicked gifts.

3) Then you need to choose your subscription plan ranging from 1 to 12 months.

4) Lastly you need to enter the first day of your last period with its frequency so that your box arrives well in advance to make you feel like a queen.

I subscribed to the Indulgence Cosset Box and indeed I felt like a queen as it was true to its name.


Pampering items included Bio Bloom’s almond milk moisturizer and handmade lavender soap. Also I loved the facial bar by The Pink Foundation made of Multani Mitti, all you need to do is add regular or rose water to make it a paste and apply. Also it can be air dried so no worries.


Comfort foods were chamomile green tea by Assamica Agro to ease the discomfort and a chocolate nutty bar by Yoga Bars for an instant mood lift.

It also contained the Everteen’s travel pack of intimate wipes and a bottle of intimate wash.


The surprise gift was a fortune cookie and a discount shopping voucher from Kaaryah.

Don’t you feel so loved and pampered? I definitely enjoyed being pampered on days that I generally am gloomy and grumpy.

If you want to feel pampered and have a happy period like me, head over to the Cosset website and use the coupon code COSSET15 and get flat 15% off.

Disclaimer- Product sent by brand; however my opinion and thoughts are true and honest.