Hey guy’s here’s the next thing on my radar, which is the beauty review of a body mist I have totally fallen in love with, it’s the “Ital Veloce Strawberry Champagne”.
Ital Veloce was launched in early 2013 and has come out with 5 amazing body mists. The best part about this company is that they are very strong in their values of being vegan, eco-friendly and also totally against animal testing J(heads up for all you animal lovers). This policy of theirs is strictly passed on to all of their vendors too.

To start off, the body mists comes in five fragrances namely:-
1. Orange Blossoms and Orchid.
2.  Lilac Vanilla.
3.  Kiwi Melon.
4.   Apple Cinnamon
5.    Strawberry Champagne.
Since I picked up the Strawberry Champagne, I dedicate this review to this flirtatious and enticing variant of the body mist.
The Ital Veloce Strawberry Champagne claims the following:-
Spray on our most irresistible fragrance, a spellbinding swirl of strawberry and sparkling champagne, for an indulgent and intimate fragrance that lasts long.
It is confident to satisfy your sweet & saucy sides.
Fragrance Note:
Top: Wild Strawberry, sweet cranberry, Zesty Mandarin
Heart: Juicy berries, sparkling wine
Base: Cozy cedar wood

Price- INR 499 for a 210 ml bottle of any fragrance.
The “Ital Veloce Body Mist- Strawberry Champagne” comes in a cardboard box packaging. It has a white color spray cap that’s easy to use and spray. The bottle looks pretty neat and I find it really cute.  The liquid is slightly reddish pink in color.. after all its strawberry :D.
What I really love about this body mist is that it’s not too strong because when it is, it just gives me a headache and we all know too much of anything is never good right?
This body mist has the perfect amount of fragrance to make you feel happy, sweet and exhilarated. All in all it really makes you feel like the strawberries are on you..hehehe I’m just kidding 😛 The only con I found is that it requires frequent application every 2 hours. So if you want to have a special day you need to keep spraying it again and again 😀

To sum it all up, here goes the Pros and Cons
1.  Affordable price.
2.  Eco friendly and Animal friendly.
3.  Easy to carry while travelling.
4.  Easy to use.
5.  Can be sprayed on your clothes as well as on the skin directly without any burning sensation fiascos.
6.      Safe to use for all skin types
The only con I found of this product was the fact that it required frequent spraying which can be irritating at times when you have a really busy schedule.
As you can see the pros supersede the cons so going by my personal opinion I would definitely buy this body mist again and try out the other fragrances too as you rarely find a body mist whose fragrance is just awesome and not irritating.
It’s my personal suggestion to all you fragrance lovers and the ones who want to give the usual deodorant a miss to try this out. I bet, you would thank me soon enough for being so awesome and for enlightening you 😛
My rating for this body mist would be 4/5.
You can know more about their products on their website http://www.italveloce.com/ and buy them on their website too.
If you have tried this product do leave a comment regarding your personal views.