Hey all, how have you all been? I am sure, like me, not many of you would be in love with the current weather. It’s that kind of weather where you just don’t know what to do.

Also especially since we women love to take care of ourselves and have our own beauty regime for various weathers, it’s really difficult to figure out what’s best in this situation. I call it a situation for which there is no proper crisis management. 😛

Anyways, such seasons do call for a beauty pampering, after all beauty pampering makes us feel so elated.

I was super-duper excited when I was called for a bloggers meet by VLCC at their Worli Branch in Mumbai.

VLCC was founded in 1989 by Mrs. Vandana Luthra and her company has surely come a long way since then with their widely recognized weight loss solutions and therapeutic approach for beauty treatments.

Over the years keeping their three mantras in mind of self-transformation, spreading happiness and imbibing wellness in oneself, VLCC has grown leaps and bounds opening branches all over India and even some international ones too.

VLCC also offers some amazing beauty services which range from salon, laser & dermat, vampire facelift, makeup, makeovers, nail art, foot spa. You name it and VLCC has it because they have taken care to see to it that you are pampered.

I opted for a makeover service, as I really was looking forward to a transformation. You would be surprised and shocked to see the same in the pictures.

So as I waited for my makeover service to begin, I chatted with the VLCC expert who gave an advice for the current not so happening weather.

One should moisturize their skin, exfoliate and always, always use protective sunscreen. For those of you who have oily skin do opt for either a gel based sunscreen or an oil free sunscreen.

VLCC has a range of beauty products to cater to all the beauty problems, one of their latest launches “Medavita Milan” is a hair treatment ritual that combats all types of hair problems.

Coming back to my makeover service, excited I was but a bit skeptical too as I have not had a really good experience in the past, but from the vibe I got from Reshma the VLCC makeover expert, I knew I could trust her totally.

Here are some pictures of the makeover session happening and the before and after pictures, I bet I look like two different people. 😛

What I loved about the entire makeover session was that Reshma didn’t put on a lot of makeup but chose to highlight my natural features while giving me a makeover.

The brand new “AFTER” me with the light makeup and blow-dried hair which looks straight was ready in less than half hour which was truly amazing.

The fake eyelashes which I tried for the first time, was a real game changer. And like someone once said, “A person with curly hair can look very different with straightened hair” is absolutely true.

The best part is that for the first time, my hair remained straight for almost 2 days which I had not expected as every time I blew dried my hair earlier, it would become curly again within a few hours.

As I was getting the makeover service done, the other bloggers were being pampered with foot spa, nail work, haircuts et-al.

A very distinct part of VLCC branches is that they have a lot of space with properly segregated sections for various services and a lovely display of their products.

Their staff too is very courteous and has all ears to you and is very helpful with their advice to see that you not only have a great experience but be happy too.

We all were a happy bunch of people who loved the VLCC beauty services.

VLCC has been really kind in offering a special discount to all my lovely followers. Coupon Code – SUP9795W which is valid till 30-04-17.

I am sure I would be going back to VLCC and you should check them out too for their amazing services and offers and get styled with #VLCCSTYLESTATEMENTS

Disclaimer:- Service recommended for review; however my opinion and thoughts are true and honest.