Hey everyone,
I just can’t help but tell you something really funny that always comes to my mind when someone talks about body odor and how it turns off people including me, especially when my nose is like a dog ready to #Sniff anything right from the delicious meal prepared around to the worst and horrible odor. Yea you can go ahead and imagine me going around #SniffSniff like a puppy. 😛

Anyways let me tell you about my “Here a #Sniff, there a #Sniff, everywhere a #SniffSniff” story. During my college days I had a gang of friends, we used to travel together, eat together etc. etc., the typical college life and must I say, we were a very popular group back then.

However to my utter dismay, there was this gang member whose body odor always used to put me off, whether it was a train journey, those share rick rides, the sitting together in the classroom or eating in the canteen, eawwwh!! the odor put me off always. Trust me, I did everything possible to avoid those encounters, I literally tried to run away from everywhere thing and anything that involved that person in it, because I knew I would end with a grumpy face because of my #SniffSniff nose. I obviously couldn’t confront that person or let alone gift a deodorant. I am pretty sure that person would give me the looks of “Wait and watch! I am going to get at you” Yikes.  Also I couldn’t move around with that person with a clip on my nose right. 😛 How mean it would be right ?

I always wondered to myself, as if the daily hustle and bustle in the crowded trains and buses wasn’t enough to turn off my #SniffSniff nose, let alone bear with this person all day long. I clearly remember this one particular time when we were put besides each other as dancing partners for a performance. OMG! You should have seen my disgusted face, I was like what wrong deeds did I do in my previous life that I have to face such a disaster. I couldn’t believe that my fate of shining as the dancing queen was with a person with such bad odor, that I would end up doing the walk of shame. Hehehe , thankfully I managed to get out of this pickle with the n number of excuses and reasons because after all I couldn’t bear the here a #Sniff, there a #Sniff, everywhere a #SniffSniff. The cherry on the cake was that still I managed to shine as the dancing queen. 😀 #yaayme.

I managed to get out of the situation, thankfully, what about you guys? do let me know in the comments below regarding a bad odor situation you got into and how you got out of it. 😀