Desperate times call for desperate measures.

-Most women get desperate when it comes to fashion emergencies

Modern times are marked by a never-ending need and greed for new clothes, even when your wardrobes are overloaded with outfits that can last you at least half a year without repeating. And why wouldn’t it be like that, when every activity and presence of yours is being archived on social media, fashion is so fast, and choices are aplenty!


You must have seen “Confessions of a Shopaholic”, right? So, you know what happens if you have that kind of propensity to go out shopping all the time. No matter how well you earn or how huge a trust fund you may have inherited, it will never be enough. Now don’t get me wrong here. I totally support the industry. We are all up for shopping. But not all the time, honey. Plus, where is the fun or the creativity in buying clothes off the rack or having some couturier tell you what and how to wear all the time?

Maybe you should try and get your creative mojo rolling, and play some games with your clothes.

Like say, wear one same piece of clothing in such different ways that it hardly looks the same! Won’t that be so good on your pocket too? You can easily get away with repeating outfits without being butchered by the fashion police! And, think of all those times when you need to travel, and you have no more space than a capsule wardrobe! One dress, a few other coordinates and accessories, and you are good to go!

Who said there are no hacks in fashion?

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If you are feeling a little perplexed, here’s suggesting you a couple of ideas on how to wear a dress in different ways:

As a skirt

Yes, you read that right. Most of those treasured dresses you have stacked in your closet; you could wear them as a skirt. And, this is the easiest and the safest experiment to do with a dress. Just make sure that the dress and the top go well. This is basically something that you need to take care of all the time, for every ensemble you put together. You could also try wearing a bodycon dress as a longer pencil skirt.

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As a top

Ok, this one is kind of restrictive. It cannot be pulled off with all kind of dresses. But, if it is a bodycon dress, or a sleek shift dress, you could easily team it up with a pair of pants or a skirt. If it is a longer full skirt, the kinds that are in these days, then you should be able to team up a lot of dresses with it. Certain shift dresses can be worn with pants without tucking in as tunics.

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As ethnic/fusion wear

We girls are always cribbing about not having enough ethnic pieces. But, you have no idea, that all this while; you had been hiding great ethnic pieces in your closet. Chances are, certain dresses that you own, have a strong ethnic flavor to them. You could try teaming these with pants or leggings or palazzos or skirts for a fine ethnic look.

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Cut it, rip it, may the Lord Hail DIYs!

You could cut your shift dress to make a long fringed top. You could also cut your dress from the middle to get a fancy slit top. They are so in sync with this season’s trends. You could also make some beachwear from an old dress. And these are only a few ideas; I bet you can think of many more!

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Style around it differently

Got a boring dress? Style around it differently! Put a scarf here, some jewellery there, and voila! You have got a look that is absolutely unexpected and undisputed. All it requires is a creative idea or two.

Also, there are certain wrap dresses and halter dresses that are capable of being worn in very- very different ways! Why don’t you try that on?

The same way, you could do so much with the other pieces in your wardrobe. Make the most of them.

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So, are you inspired enough to not wear your dress the way it is supposed to be worn? I bet you are!



PS- This is a guest post by Shreya Gulati