“Home is one’s birthplace, ratified by memory” how true this quote is, isn’t it? We all have countless memories of our homes in our own unique and special way; after all it’s a place very personal that we share only with our loved ones.

Together with our family members we build a house into a home and hence it’s a place which ties us in a special bond not only with our family members but with our homes itself.

We all strive to build a happy and perfect home so that each of us is as special to our homes as we are to one another. After all, what is a home if it doesn’t make you happy?

In the fast paced life that we live in, we like to keep changing and experimenting with new ideas and looks for our homes and thus often end up in renovating our homes in terms of looks but forget the pillars that our homes are built on.

What’s the use of external beauty when the inside is ugly? This fits well when it comes to our homes too, after all who wants to end up spending lakhs of rupees on renovations and still have problems of cracks, seepage and spilling.

To know more about how to be one of #TheHappyHomes and a Healthy Home, I attended the #TheHappyHomes #BlogLaunch event by Pidilite.

I was amazed to learn so much about how the inner beauty of our homes makes the greatest impact to have a happy home. I witnessed this whole scenario through a virtual journey of a house that had issues such as grouting, uneven tiling, waterproofing, maintenance issues, dampness etc. and how with the help of Dr. Fixit it revamped the whole strength of the house making it a strong and clean slate to build your home on.

Also, the eminent speakers like Dr. Alpa Dalal, MD Pulmonology, Mr. Omkar Thakur, AGM Vastu Shastra Consultant, CA Ramesh Prabhu, MSWA Head, and Mrs. Shilpi Kakkar, Editor Better Homes, gave us some insightful views about the importance of having a healthy home.

I was shocked to know that dampness at one’s home leads to illness such as asthma as well as other serious sickness. I could never imagine that these issues which I thought was not a big deal were actually the root cause of all the health problems.

During renovations of our homes while living in a building we think our houses are a bungalow and alter the homes in such a way that though they become spacious and comfortable for us but in turn weaken the strength of the building which is a property of all the residents and not us alone. This is one of the serious issues faced by us living in housing societies but which is taken very lightly by all of us.

As I absorbed all the valuable insights by the eminent speakers and seen the videos of various people who gave testimonies of how using Dr. Fixit during construction, renovations etc. changed their lives into building happy homes I made a mental note of making good of serious issues at hand then ignoring them.

The event also witnessed the #BlogLaunch of #TheHappyHomes a website where you can get all your answers not only to your problems while building your homes but also the latest trends to complete the look of your home.

So next time when you plan on renovating or constructing your dream home do visit #TheHappyHomes website and get help from Dr.Fixit and Roff to make your dream home a happy and healthy home.

Disclaimer-  Sponsored post, however my thoughts and opinions are true and honest.