Hey everybody,
Don’t be surprised to read this different stuff from me today. Hey! Don’t panic. It’s not that I got bored of writing reviews. That’s what I love doing and you all know that well. I am sure; you enjoy reading the honest reviews that I write of the beauty products that I use. Don’t lie, I know you have liked it, used those products and secretly admired and thanked me for my posts. Ha! Ha! That’s asking for a bit too much,isn’t it? But that’s what I am, normal to the core, but weird too in bits and pieces. The weird and normal me.
I would continue to write reviews till I can, because that’s what I love doing, and that’s what I do Apne Dum pe, the way HDFC Standard Life Insurance allows us to do, Jiyo Life Apne Dum Pe.
But then why this sudden change of gear, change of mood, why this shift from reviews today, is the million dollar question. I know guys, this question is troubling you, but be patient guys, because patience is the virtue of the wise. Ha! Ha. So here it is, I am going to write of how I learnt to live this life Apne Dum pe. I am going to tell you about the person who taught me to live this life that I enjoy living apne dum pe.
Let’s break the ice. The one that I am talking about is none other than my Dad. Yeah he is the man, my Dad, he is the wonderful person in my life who always believed in me irrespective of what I did, wanted to do or want to do in life further. Most important than everything else, it’s my Dad who believed in what I believed in.
In my life, there had always been lows and highs, and yeah! Somehow the lows were a bit more than the highs, after all I was a baby caterpillar growing up from my cocoon into a beautiful butterfly. But then, whenever I was in the high spirits, there he was with me to laugh with me, share may happiness and make me feel on top of the world, mind you he never hampered my growth in becoming a butterfly as he allowed me to grow naturally too.
And in the lows of my life too, he was there. Being a bit weird and normal, the lows were multiple, be it the tension in my studies, the teenage issues that girls of my age face, arguments with my close friends, a little crush on the guy in my class, the list is endless. So I needed my Dad there to hold my hand and take me through. I never told him to do that but when I look back, he is always there, holding my tiny hands in his strong hands and also protecting me under his umbrella….. Yeah, here you got it wrong again. He would never be there to cry with me, but he would be there to tickle my funny bone and make me laugh and I do laugh and suddenly feel that I am back in the high of my life. That’s my Dad, the super strong, my best pal and the one in whose eyes I will always be his princess.
So, here’s my Dad, the one who believed in my dreams. My dad, who encouraged me to write and believed in my passion, here, it is dedicated to my Dad, for it’s him that you guys are enjoying the reviews that I write.
He is the man who taught me to live my life Apne Dum Pe.
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