Our home is one thing we can’t stop talking about as it’s personal and dear to us. It’s one place in our life where we have full control of what and how we want it to be with no terms and conditions attached.

How to make this sweet abode of ours more beautiful and close to our heart is what Asian Paints has always done over the years, and I was extremely happy and delighted when I visited their Color store at Hill Road, Bandra to understand all about making furniture into #StatementFurniture which you can read here.

I was more than excited when once again I got an opportunity to visit their Signature Color Store in Bandra to celebrate #WorldInteriorsDay with Asian Paints.


#WorldInteriorsDay was celebrated on 28th May 2016 and Asian Paints held a great workshop on the same which was hosted by renowned Film Production Designer, Shruti Gupte on how to draw inspiration from homes and office spaces designed in popular films.

The theme for the day was ‘Intelligent & Inspirational Interiors, from Silver Screens to Your Home’ as Asian Paints wanted consumers to have the unique opportunity of bringing inspiration from their favourite films to their homes. They were emphasizing on the fact that one must be experimental and creative with home decor.


Providing further insight into Asian paints ideology, Shruti Gupte spoke about how color speaks about one’s personality and how one should use those colors to decorate their interiors. She also explained how warm lights should be used instead of neon lights while doing the interiors as its spoils everything. She insisted on making our homes personal by using the colors that portray more about our personality.


Explaining the personal concept, she gave examples of the movies she has worked for such as ‘Aisha’, ‘Taare Zamin Par’, ‘Khoobsurat’, ‘Lunch Box’ and others where she designed the homes and interior spaces and covered the various aspects of the characters personality in it.

The workshop by Shruti was inspirational and experimental equally and through her activities like the mood board we all got a hint of our personalities.


The Asian Paints Signature Color Store at Bandra frequently does events on design for consumers so that they can experience through such workshops, the world of color and designs. So don’t forget to visit their store and get yourself updated for future workshops.

I hope you get inspiration from this post like how I got from the workshop which opened my mind to the world of color and interiors.

A Happy #WorldInteriorsDay to all of you.  🙂