Teenagers today are bold and outspoken. After all, this is the millennial age that we are talking about.

ZEE5’s original show REJCTX that premiered on July 25th 2019, is back again with another season titled REJCTX2.

The show is about teenagers and how they lead their lives in current times, adjusting to the ever-changing needs and demands of society and their personal developments.

It focuses on a group of students that feel like an outcast and rejected. It shows how they deal with body shaming, gender fluidity, personality disorder, religion, porn addiction and their rap band named “REJCTX”

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The second season just like the first one starts with a bang and it’s all about the suicide of Anushka and her link to the rich boy student Aarav (played by Masi Wali) in Jefferson School who is the prime suspect.

Handling this case is Police Officer Rene (played by Esha Gupta) who is out there to investigate and solve this case at any cost. Her determination to prove her worth in the male-dominated profession makes her give it her all even if this may be her last case.

While the season dwells more into the lives of all the band members and their secrets which are dark and disturbing, it also shows their anticipation and anxiety in finding out who the mysterious Mr. X is.

Wouldn’t you also want to know the mystery behind who Mr X is? I surely did and found out who it is. Trust me you will be shocked.

To catch up on this mystery of never-ending twists, turns and unexpected situations of REJCTX2, you can tune into ZEE5 an online digital media platform that is bringing such amazing content for you to watch anytime anywhere.

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