I am Clementia aka Clem or Clemy…This is my first blog post and I would like you to know something about me.

A funny little woman also known as “A weird girl in a normal world”, who can be funny,annoying, weird and yet manage to survive in the ocean of normal people around her.

Being ambitious comes naturally to me as I am the driver of my own car and always on the go to chase my dreams and aspirations till I reach the “Achievement Unlocked” mode.

Trouble taker is the other thing which always manages to creep into my personal life as well as for the ones I care about. Though often seen as an emotionless person, we all know, that the one that doesn’t show is the one who is the most emotional one..there you go; that’s pretty weird, isn’t it.

“Jhansi ki Rani” for everything that comes around in my life and an Agony Aunt for many.. Yeah! you can contact me for advice/solutions to your problems 😛

Music is my medicine. It just takes away all the pain, sadness, stress, actually everything that troubles me in that moment. I bet, most of you would agree on that right?

I dote on my friends and family to the core because I know when I’m down they will always be there to support me and help me ride the bicycle of my life again without support.

Finally being a girl just amazes me. Yeah accepted that because all these years I just had one question for God i.e. why did He give me 99.99% qualities of a boy and 0.01% of a girl which totally made me a girl?I bet ya’ll must have been amused with this question! Hehehe! all this was because I always wanted to be a boy. Maybe I did want to be “The man of the house” but now I have decided to rephrase it as “The woman of the house”

All in all, no matter what ups and downs my life has had, is having and will have, I love my life to bits and pieces because God gave me the best gift he could give to a human i.e. “Gift of life” and now its upon me to shape it and mold it into a better one if not a perfect one, because what’s life without flaws.

To the one’s who read so far I have a message for you. Life is short… so enjoy every bit of it because life’s what you make it, no matter how many flaws or problems you have, remember everyone remembers not only the person who came first but definitely also the one who fought it all the way to get to the finish line.

So guys and girls be prepared to read anything that comes under the sun from the weird and normal girl’s perceptive.

If you have had such weird notions like me, feel free to leave a comment. Let’s get talking.