Hey everyone,

I am a foodie by heart, who loves to try different food all the time, my only wish however is  that no matter how much I eat I don’t get fat. Hehehe unfortunately that will never happen!

However the fact of getting fat due to eating has never stopped me from trying anything that catches my attention and is a treat to my stomach and my heart’s content.

All of you would be familiar with Box8 who came out with the revolutionary idea of meals in a box at affordable prices and came to the rescue of many of us who missed our dabbas in office and at times at home. Their meals in a box was a hit making our tummies khush all the time.

Box8 knows how much we love them and hence to let this foodie love grow by leaps and bounds, has now introduced the Box8 Pizza which would definitely tickle the taste buds of all the pizza and non-pizza lovers.

This new Box8 Pizza Mania as I call it has been newly launched in few outlets in Mumbai and Pune and is already creating a buzz after all its time for #PizzaPartyWithBox8 Being a Mumbaikar and having a BOX8 outlet nearby I got a chance to try the #Box8Pizza and have my own #PizzaPartyWithBox8 I tried two of their Supreme category Non-Veg Pizzas, one was the “All In Chicken Pizza “and the other one was the “The Meat Eater Pizza” in medium size both being a delightful treat for the chicken lovers.

The packaging of the pizzas is very attractive even though it’s in a square box that keeps the pizza hot and fresh for a long time. I loved the colorful design and artwork on the box which makes the pizza box very desirable, cute and attractive.

You can choose the base of your pizza ranging from original crust, thin crust to cheese blast. I had the cheese blast crust, which made my entire pizza experience a cheesy breezy one and which should be a choice for every cheese lover.

The Meat Eater Pizza is for the ones who want their pizzas to be filled with a variety of chicken options in one platter. This pizza has BBQ Chicken, Roast Chicken, Spicy Chicken and Chicken Sausages so one can have the best of all the worlds together.

Moving on to the All In Chicken Pizza which has Chicken Tikka, Roast Chicken, Chicken Sausage, Red Paprika, Black Olives, Capsicum, and Onions was my favorite as it had the perfect blend of chicken and veg toppings making it a delightful one. Also the spicy cheesy taste was a big thumbs up for me. 


The quality and quantity of the #Box8Pizza is definitely high and speaks of a royal affair with every pizza that you eat ensuring that your stomach is more than content. Their cheese blast crust is not an ordinary crust as it is filled with cheese at the right places making you enjoy the right blend of the base, the cheese and the toppings. Box8 truly lives upto their tagline of “TWICE THE CHEESE, TWICE THE TOPPINGS” in Pizzas.

If you want to know more about the amazing #Box8Pizza and their other varieties do check out their social handles on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I bet your tummy will have a good picture treat which will make you go and order the #Box8Pizza to have your very own #PizzaPartyWithBox8