A wise man had once said “failing to plan is planning to fail”. How true this statement is as it fits well in every walk of our lives whether its exams, career, job etc. etc.

We can never fathom the intensity of the insecurities or adversities that life will throw at us. We think life is going on track, but suddenly there’s a tremor and everything comes crashing down and that’s the point we sit to analyze and then realize that a little planning would have probably helped us be better prepared.

Here’s a short snippet of some uncertainties that come across in the lives of these protagonists.

Melanie was a young, ambitious and street smart woman whose love for adventure never stopped her from trying the impossible as she was relentless. At the peak of her career, getting the promotion she dreamed off, she took a holiday to celebrate her promotion with friends by going on a challenging mountaineering in Ladah. Her adventure trip turned into a disaster when an avalanche struck her.

Ashutosh was a hard working employee of his company for whom getting educated had not been an easy task. His kids however were brilliant and having recently secured ranks in the HSC and graduation exams, his kids had big plans for their future. Celebrating and basking in the glory of his kids’ results and puffing with pride while giving a treat to his colleagues at a restaurant, his return journey back home however proved to be fatal.

Kartik, a well-educated, knowledgeable and smart man, always got what he wanted, whether it was his career, dream job, promotions etc. etc. He climbed up the corporate ladder very fast. But calamity struck him as recession kicked in and being one of the highest paid employees he lost his job.


We have either faced or know of someone who has gone through the same. The video after the stories shows us how one’s savings and financial planning allows one to face life’s tsunamis no matter how big or small they are. After all #KhudKoKarBuland to make dreams come alive.

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They want us to plan and be prepared so that no matter how many life’s battles we face, we face them fearlessly and conquer them with a smile, thus living our life on our own terms and making ourselves stronger with the attitude of #KhudKoKarBhuland.

Disclaimer-  Sponsored post, however my thoughts and opinions are true and honest.