Human beings are such mysterious creation of God, that whatever happens as a coincidence over a period of time becomes a strong belief that further ends up in a superstition.

Throughout our stages of growing up, we have been faced with one superstition or the other, and I must say as we grew older the degree of superstition also increased.

From the nazar-utaarna as a child, to the black cat crossing your way to the one rupee to gift, these superstitions not only sounded crazy but the intensity with which people believe in it is also crazier.

Superstitions have made their way in all aspects of our life, whether it is about our day to day life, our jobs, our career, our thinking everything so much so that it has swirled its way even when we think of making sound investments for our future.

I bet the ratio of people who believe in superstitions to the ones who don’t would be a 99:1. As crazy as it seems, it’s true. Ask anyone to start something new on the 13thor ask people to get married in a leap year, you won’t be surprised to hear a flat ‘no’ and the reasons would be not only ridiculous but absolutely foolish.

Everyone wants money and wants it to multiply a thousand fold, but to earn that money you need to do some hard work and to let it multiply you need to make sound investments. But alas we think money is a money plant that will be a good luck charm to us and multiply our money as it grows. But hey! Knock Knock! Did you realize that it’s only if you keep watering the plant it will grow? Then why not invest your money too wisely?

The superstitions for investing money and seeing it multiply are really funny like money not to be held between two fingers, money to be given only by the right hand etc. etc. to ward off the bad omen. The list is endless, what we fail to understand after being so highly educated is that money grows when you use it and invest it wisely. After all Bill Gates would not be Bill Gates if he had to believe in superstitions to invest his money.

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So let’s all be rational for a change, think and decide to reason out with these superstitions of money and invest our money wisely and see it grow quickly just like the bamboo tree.