Hey everyone,

This heat is just unbearable and its definitely getting on to me, how I wish I could just run off to an island, sit there by the beach, enjoy the cool breeze and have some fun.

However since that’s not possible, I found something that did just about the same thing but not for me but my lips, yeah! Yeah my lips have been Island Kissed! And I am enjoying every bit of it.

Here’s how, there are these awesome and sassy lip balms by the name of Island Kiss that blows a kiss to your lips and you are Island kissed forever.

Island Kiss is the new lip balm in town and its making every girl fall in love with it, in love yes and for all the right reasons too as its 100% natural, cruelty free, organic, 100% pure, petroleum- free, non-toxic, safe, edible and has SPF 15 for sun protection.


Island Kiss is the brainchild of Shaili and Siddhartha who launched their little company in Kodaikanal in 2015. Their inspiration from the Islands of the world and nature has found itself in the amazing lip balms that Island kiss promises to kiss and tell.

Variants of Island Kiss Lip Balms:-

  1. Island Kiss Puerto Berry Blush (Berry Cheeky Tint)
  2. Island Kiss Alma Vanilla Inges Lavender (Birth Suit Nude)
  3. Island Kiss Cherry Blossom Flores (Bunny Pink Tint)


The Island Kiss Ingredients:-

The common ingredients in all the three variants of lip balms are:

Avocado Butter, Organic Beeswax, Stevia, Organic Carrot Seed Oil, Pure Castor Oil, Rich Vitamin E Oil, Organic Macadamia Nut Oil, Natural Organic Colour.

The Puerto Berry also has Tropical Mango, Citrus Oil and Raspberry Seed Essential Oil.

The Lavender variant also has Tropical Kokum, English Lavender Essential Oil and French Vanilla Essential Sugar Oil.

The Cherry Blossom also has the Japanese Cherry Blossom Essential Oil.

Price:INR 399/– except the Puerto Berry which is priced at INR 499/- for 14 gms.

(Available on the website and online stores like Nykaa)

Shelf Life– 36 months.

My experience with the Island Kiss Lip Balms.

Love at first sight, yes this is what happened when I visited their website to check about these lip balms, the artwork was so sassy and cool. The same sassiness is maintained in their packaging, which is filled with some cute artwork and great detailing of the product as a whole. All in all, the packaging spells lip smacking love. I loved the packaging so much that I have yet not thrown away the box. Just because I could not, and even my mom agreed on the same. 😀

Now coming to the lip balms, they are 100% natural, organic, have SPF 15 and the most favourite part I loved is that its edible, so I don’t need to worry of the times when my tongue just accidentally licks my lips, oh wait now I can just let that accident happen. : P

The lip balms are in a tubular packaging that slants towards its head for easy application and hygienic reasons. The colors of the tube are matched with respect to the various colors of the lip balms.

Considering that these lip balms are natural, they don’t quickly repair a chapped lips situation but do a fairly good job in nourishing, softening, soothing and replenishing the lips.

It does leave a slight oily feeling on the lips, which can be handled by using a tissue to reduce the oiliness. The fragrance of each of the lip balms are lovely and the right amount as they don’t itch my sensitive nose. The stay power of the lip balms are between 2-3 hrs.

Below you can see how the lip balms look on me.

  1. Island Kiss Puerto Berry Blush (Berry Cheeky Tint) IMG_4134

My personal favourite, as I have mentioned before that I am not a lipstick fan at all, so this one is a savior as it gives me the best of both worlds i.e. lip moisturizing and a lovely red color to my lips naturally.

  1. Island Kiss Alma Vanilla Inges Lavender (Birth Suit Nude)IMG_4117

I am a big time lavender fan, this one can be used for everyday use at all times, since it is a nude shade, it does its job of nourishing your lips as well as giving a slight glossy effect highlighting your natural lips.

  1. Island Kiss Cherry Blossom Flores (Bunny Pink Tint)IMG_4122

I somehow don’t like this shade because it gives a milky pink color to my lips which I don’t quite like, and somehow I feel it doesn’t suit me.


So my final pick from all the three of them is definitely the Puerto Berry Blush (Berry Cheeky Tint) as it gives you the extra edge and completes your look.

My ratings for these Island Kiss Lip Balms are 5/5.

If you liked these lips balms just like me, don’t forget to stay classy, sassy, smart and get Island kissed.

Disclaimer- Product sent by brand ; however my opinion and thoughts are true and honest.