Hello everyone,
I hope you all are enjoying the October fever; I definitely am as it’s my favorite month of the year because it’s my birthday month. Hehehe 😛 Anyways stealing the limelight from myself, I would like to introduce to you all a cosmetics brand that’s not only new but definitely seduces every woman out there with their range of products. I hope you guessed the name right, its “Seduction Las Vegas” and as their brand name suggests, they promise to revamp your look in a fun and vegas like feel.

The brand expresses itself as this:-
Las Vegas (Nevada), the sin city, symbolizes Glamour, Money and Entertainment. It boasts of a colourful lifestyle and has been nickname as the entertainment capital of the world. Seduction Las Vegas (SLV) represents this city’s theme of romance, mystery and exotic destinations.
SLV is associated with the passion to play with colors and explore one’s inner beauty. We as a brand believe that fashion is incomplete unless it is used as a form of Seduction, Image, Style, Look. Call it what you want and we express it through our seductive colors. After all, style is all about you! Sensational nails embody seduction, so pick up your seductive colour today!
SLV is an international premium quality brand for the elite, committed to the highest quality products and well-being of our customers. Our highly reputed industry associations help us assure high quality and a broad range of safe and innovative products.
Seduce Anyone!
I bet you were as enthralled as I was when I got to know about them. I had raised eyebrows and when I tried the products I was more than contented. 😀
So today, I would be reviewing one of their popular products, the “Seduction Las Vegas Nail Lacquer” Shade-100 Valentine. The name itself reminds me of cupid, the color red for love and sparkles, and this is just it. 😀

Price – INR 198 for 9.5 ml.

The nail paint comes in a cylindrical bottle with the shade logo at the bottom. The ingredients however have not been mentioned anywhere except that it’s free from Toluene, DBP, Formaldehyde and that it’s long lasting ad high gloss.

My experience with the product:-

I love nail paints and have a wide variety of them, I get annoyed when it chips off immediately or I see some weird designs on it thankfully nothing like this happened with this nail paint and it was not only smooth to apply but was the perfect combination of color and gloss. A big thumbs-up to the wide bristles of the nail paint that enable the smooth application. To let the nail paint last longer than usual, I applied a transparent base coat before and after applying the nail paint. It definitely stood up to its long lasting claim as I had it on for more than a week. It did not chip off a bit even when I did activities that would otherwise damage the nail paint.

You can see the pics to see the color of the nail paint; though they differ a bit in the pics when taken with flash and without, nonetheless my nails look pretty wearing these. 😀

All in all I would say, I am definitely buying more nail paints from Seduction Las Vegas because of the amazing colors, smooth application and the long lasting effect, both being the two major things I believe every girl looks to when buying nail paints. The price is also budget friendly considering it’s a 10 ml bottle.

My ratings for this nail paint would be 4/5.

I wish that the nail paint shade should been on top of the bottle as it’s easier for anyone to identify. 😛

If you are confused about the shade and how they look, you can use the Try and Buy App on their website to not only choose a shade from the vast variety but also see how they look. Isn’t this awesome!

You can check out their website and social media channels to know more about them.

Facebook – Seduction Las Vegas

Instagram – @seduction_las_vegas

I hope you loved the brand and the review as much as I did, if you want to buy, you can either DM them on Instagram or mail them at customercare@seductionlasvegas.com

PS:- Don’t forget to mention my name (Clementia) to avail free shipping. 😀