Hello everyone,

I bet you all must be wondering right away from my title about which Romeo and which Juliet I am talking about. Hehehe, we all love to be pampered don’t we? Specially the girls and when do we need it the most or probably an overdose of pampering it’s when we are on our periods, because may it be 3, 5 or 7 days of every month, our world suddenly becomes upside down and people around us wonder if there is some spirit in us. Hahaha.

Jokes and pains apart ladies, I finally found my Romeo for my “days of the month”. Ah! This Romeo doesn’t leave any stone unturned not only to pamper me but impress me with goodies. Yes, Yes we all love goodies, don’t we? Thanks to First Step Projects’ belief in the proverb “Necessity is the mother of Invention” they came out with this amazing period subscription box “Being Juliet”

I bet you all remember the times when you have forgotten to stock up your preferred brand of sanitary pads, or the times when it suddenly got over and then maybe the beg-borrow-steal idea. In all this mess coupled with our mood swings, we either end up being angry or with the choice of pads we are not so comfy about. Also those times when you had to get one in emergency from a store and the person wrapped it in a newspaper and you suddenly felt that the entire world’s looking at you. Hehehe I definitely have been through all that. 😛

Being Juliet is surely the Romeo of your dreams, this subscription box is delivered 5 days before your estimated period cycle with not only sanitary napkins of your choice but also thoughtful gifts, pain comforters  and surprises to pamper you so that you don’t even realize you are having your those “days of the month” This sounds so exciting isn’t it? Now you don’t need to complain that your siblings, family, boyfriend or spouse don’t pamper you because you have your one and only Romeo to give you all the love every month.

As excited I was when I ordered my first box, I was ever more excited when I received the same. I must say the packaging was wonderful and just perfect. As I opened my box, my attention was caught on a scroll that gave me an in-depth detail of what was there in my box; it was great to know about the contents.

My subscription box contained the following items (as in image) 

A-Pain Relievers of the month

1. Ajwain- To boil and drink the water to prevent bloating, flatulence and help digestion
2. Tea- A- Me- Handpicked tea leaves from tea gardens. It was a green tea flavor coupled with Kashmiri Kawa which provides excellent antioxidants and helps in relieving bloating

B-Sanitary Essentials

1. My choice of Sanitary napkins

2. INWI- Intimate Wipes specially formulated for intimate areas, refreshing, clean and easy to carry.

C-Beauty Essentials

1. Coloressence Lipstick- Shade 20, it has a unique coriander and basil extract with SPF 15. It gives you a satin smooth finish and last long on your lips.
2.  Eye Gel from Bio Bloom- Nourishes and heals under eyes skin, it contains cucumber juice to soothe and aid delicate skin, mint and green tea extract to diminish sagging skin and dark circles.

D-Mood Lifters

Stylish Scarf to beat the summer heat. I loved the scarf so much that I used it as a background for the pics. hehehe 😀


Hokey Pokey Ice cream voucher worth 500 to lift your mood instantly.

I bet you were like, okay okay there is still more, and I too had the same reaction when I was reading the scroll. Reading the contents of it immediately lifted up my mood, so you can imagine my excitement when I was unboxing the contents. I had the green tea during my periods and I felt really good, also the scarf, lipstick and the under eye gel made me smile that extra mile.

All in all I was more overjoyed with the way Romeo was pampering his Juliet. I bet you too would love to experience the same love, so fret not, just hop on to Being Juliet and order your subscription box right away, it’s easy as 1,2,3. Also this Romeo has two women in his life one is Juliet and the other is Jane, hehehe, so pick your box accordingly, but don’t worry he loves them both equally. 😉

Below are the subscriptions costs for Being Juliet and Being Jane. The subscription costs are budget friendly, the goodies and surprises in the box are much more than the cost of the subscription. You can also head on to their blog for period advice.

My rating for this subscription box would be 5/5

I am so much in love with Romeo’s love that I can’t afford to not have him in my life every month, so that I shall be pampered every month. I hope you too become a Juliet just like me, so hurry and order right away.

If you have tried their subscription box do let me know your views.