Personal care is a very important aspect of one’s life, as it speaks volumes about our personal hygiene, our living conditions, our habits etc. etc.

It’s said that one’s behaviors is linked to one’s personal care, as how good you take care of yourself will determine what kind of a person you are in very minute but notable manner.

However, personal care as the name itself suggest is a personal affair, after all it’s so private to our character, since every individual’s likes and dislikes are varied and different from others.


Do you remember the times, someone gifting you some personal care products like face care, hair care and body care products? I remember those times so distinctly as more than 80% of the times I never liked what was gifted to me.

The reasons were simple; I didn’t like them at all, firstly, because I have a sensitive nose and secondly, am I supposed to like the same personal care product as the person who gifted me probably liked. After that I dread telling a flat lie of how I loved the product when they asked me about it.

I bet you remember those moments too! Busted right? However I don’t do the same anymore as I just tell them my choices and preferences or even my preference of where to buy them from, if they give me a hint that they plan to buy body care products for me.


I am a bit choosy especially about body care products because of my sensitive nose as I don’t want to smell like a jasmine that irritates me but rather would love to smell of lavender which is my favourite fragrance.

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Disclaimer- Website recommended for review, however my opinions and thoughts are true and honest.