Ever since the release of the latest Deepika-Ranbir starrer Tamasha, a new fad is doing the rounds. It very nicely depicts the robotic race most of us are running and flares the need to do something else we love, like Ved followed his dream of making theatre. So the new fad is breaking from the monotonous routine of work-home balance and doing something you love.

Like after the movie Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani everyone wanted to go on a fun-filled trip with absolute strangers, flout all rules and find friends for life if not a soul mate; or better yet when 3 Idiots came, there was a new fire of learning for the love of learning and not just passing exams; and the best fad was after Pyar ka Punchnama 1 & 2, wherein everyone wanted to air their frustrated views about office, girlfriends, (boyfriends in parodies that overflowed the internet later) and the likes. 

Basically these movies touched a chord with the common man, because they were genius. The film-makers picked the same story line, changed the locations (making it exotic in most cases) cast in leading stars, sprinkled it with catchy songs and voila another heart touching movie is born depicting the woes of the masses.
But a fad is a fad, it rises with the support of the masses and quickly dies down without even the slightest hiss. Even before the movie rolls out of the theatres the fad dies down, generating millions for the movie makers and honestly depressing the folks who saw the movie by actually showing how helpless they are stuck in a rut of life. Was it only me who actually noticed the seamless transition of Ved from being a robot in the mass to being a story telling maestro? Honestly I loved the movie myself, because for once Ali depicted the struggle to actually choose something on a whim, with all the risks attached. 
But the climax was a little disappointing with a fast forward achievement of success, like our dude probably learning all the technical stuff to make theatre from that old man who told him stories, or that he was probably welcomed into the bosoms of theatre without even a hitch.
All said and done, all these movies actually show something we all are not alien to, yet we come out feeling touched. Why not do something more than being touched though? Honestly, it’s really scary to just quit the comfort of your current job, no matter how horrible it is, and more often than not, most of us don’t even know what is that ‘something’ we want to do. 

But it is more so because of us being lazy and snoozing around in whatever free time we get in front of the TV or just winding down instead of discovering our potential to do something new.  And even if we have a slight inclination of what something else we want to do, actually executing it is a different ball game whatsoever. 
All the extra effort makes the rotting robotic life more comforting, so we continue rotting and cribbing, secretly enjoying the comfort zone and being touched by the reality check shown by some movie once in a while, with the flame growing to do something more like suggested by the millions of motivational quotes we read, only to be doused as fast as it rose because honestly, who wants to do all the extra work.

So in the end, all the Tamasha about Tamasha is just like a roller coaster ride, with the twists and the turns and the thrills, only till it lasts!

Disclaimer- This is a guest post by “Bhoomi Doshi “

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