Let’s meet for coffee? Let’s go on a coffee date? How about we discuss this over coffee? These are the questions one hears umpteen number of times, after all who doesn’t love coffee, right?

Majority of people over the world find coffee irresistible, so much so that they can’t live without it or can’t think of starting their day without their cuppa!

Coffee has paved a path in our lives and each one of us have fond memories of coffee whether it’s the coffee that cracked a deal, the coffee date where one met their life partner or the coffee that kept one energetic and awake all night in studies.

Most of us wouldn’t shy away from proclaiming ourselves as coffee addicts; after all who cares as it’s our love for coffee that is immeasurable. That’s the very reason why we have coffee machines at our work places or the cute little coffee shops that serve you the best brewed coffee in town.

Coffee is not only a highly traded and valued commodity but its history dates back to ancient times making it of great historic importance. India ranks 5th in the world in terms of coffee production.

Coffee loves us much more than we do, that it can be prepared in a variety of ways such as espresso, cappuccino, café late etc. etc. These varieties are favorites of each one of us as per our likes.

Taking a step forward for the love of coffee, Tata Coffee has come out with Tata Coffee Grand, an instant coffee which doesn’t give you the ordinary coffee taste but promises to make your affair with coffee a grand one.

Tata Coffee Grand

It’s naturally sourced from Tata Coffee plantations and promises expertise in all aspects right from picking to manufacturing which in turn ensures that it tastes the same across India.

I loved the blue colored jar packaging of the 50g Tata Coffee Grand instant mix which is priced at INR 130. Its superior taste and quality with a rich aroma left me mesmerized with every sip and made me have my own special date with it as well as cherish some wonderful coffee moments.

Tata Coffee Grand

So all you coffee lovers go grab your pack of Tata Coffee Grand and have an everyday special grand affair with it.

Disclaimer-  Sponsored post, however my thoughts and opinions are true and honest.