Hey everyone,

It’s been a long time I have done a review. However at the moment I am excited as I have something really amazing that I have totally fallen in love with that I couldn’t help but share this excitement with you all.
Over these past years, I had heard a lot about the company “Vkare” and their all new brand “Fuschia”.  There was a craze online with reviews about their product lines under the brand name “Fuschia”  and so I decided to have a look at it myself, so to start off, I shall introduce you all to what this brand is all about.
The Company “VKARE BIO SCIENCES Pvt. Ltd” covers the areas of Healthcare and Biotechnology. Their motto is “We Care”. They work closely with stakeholders to understand their challenges and how they can combine their skills and resources to achieve a common goal towards improved healthcare to all.
The products of the brand “Fuschia” are totally natural, cruelty free, suitable for vegans, eco-friendly and 100% handmade with love which they proudly endorse on their product tags.

They ensure that the products are not only 100% handmade by them but also do give it a personalized handmade touch w.r.t. it’s packaging. As you can see from the pictures you will notice it feels personalized and gives you the “made for you only” like feeling.
I was truly impressed with the overall packaging and the care with which the products were sent to me, especially those golden drawstring pouches that give it a premium gift feeling. In fact, when I opened the packaging to see the products, I was mesmerized by the fragrance of the products. Trust me, within seconds of opening the packaging my room was filled with the natural and exotic fragrance of these products that I couldn’t help but get lost in.

I shall be reviewing the following products of Fuschia shortly.
1. Fuschia Cherry Caramel Lip Balm.
2. Fuschia Strawberry Passion Lip Balm.
3. Fuschia Handmade Herbal Soap – Aloe Vera.
4. Fuschia Handmade Herbal Soap – Coconut.
5. Fuschia Face & Body Exfoliating Scrub – Pomegranate Pearls.

I am truly excited to try each one of them and share with you my review ASAP, and since I was looking out for a good body scrub for my skin needs, I have decided to go ahead and first try the Fuchsia Face & Body Exfoliating Scrub – Pomegranate Pearls.
For those of you who are equally or more excited than I am and just can’t wait for my review you can visit their website http://vkarebiosciences.com/ to know more about their range of products and buy them online on their website or you can even find their products on www.flipkart.com or on http://www.myntra.com/mobile/apps.
If you have tried their products, please do leave a comment below with your experience and the products you have tried.
See you soon with my reviews on the products.