Hey everyone,

I know that what I am going to talk to you today may or may not appeal to you all, but then this is just my opinion and version of who God is to me. You may think of him in the same way or not, but whatever it is I want you to know that I would like to know about it and would respect that opinion of yours.

For me, God is someone who I have high respect for, who is like a friend to me, with whom I know I can talk utter nonsense with, even when it makes completely no sense and with whom I can get totally mad and angry at. hehehe. There are times when I am lost in my thoughts and I just talk to him. In fact right now as I write this post, I am telling him, hey buddy, you know something, I am writing about you, because I feel it’s time my readers know who you are and what you mean to me, and the fact that I know how much he loves me back, he says yes my child go on, I couldn’t be more happy than I am. So I say yaaay!!


I believe God is that one person who we all can get angry at, yell at and say all sorts of things, but who at the end of day or time loves us unconditionally just as a mother loves her child. As I say this, I remember a hymn where God says he has carved each one of us on the palms of his hands. God’s love for us is  so unconditional that even before we pray to him for that fancy bike or that promotion, he knows and understands it and presents it to us in the guise of the best ever surprise we could ever dream of. Do you guys remember the time when you had those “OMG! This is the best day or the moment of my life” moments? Yes! Yes! That’s exactly what I am talking about, how he so beautifully and wonderfully makes the not so happening day of our life the epic day of our life. Awww! I love you God. :*

The best part I love about God is that, though being such a magnificent and powerful eternal being, he has always been there for us in the form of a human, irrespective of any religion that we look up to, God has always shown His love for the mankind he made in His image and likeness in a human form, whether it were the sacrifices or the love. he wanted to show us that being a human and having a life on the planet “earth” was the greatest gift he could ever give mankind.

God is so amazingly awesome, that I see him in that person who anonymously helps an orphan get a family or education or that human who goes out of his way to give a helping hand or a listening ear to a complete stranger. I know I can go on and on this, but my point is God is in that every person who you feel is such an amazing human being irrespective whether you know that person or not, or see an act done by a person. I always tell God I wonder how he magically comes to the rescue of every human being on this planet sometimes may be late but always gives an entry with a bang and it’s then a story to remember and cherished. God just whispered to me saying “I’m awesome” 😛


However I know God gets sad at times, he keeps mum, but I tell him I understand buddy, I know I have hurt you too. I tell him I know I have not thanked him at times for the beautiful day, or the beautiful 32 watt smile that I have, or for those many talents he has bestowed on me or the talents that I am yet to discover just like how I discovered I could write and make a difference. I only tend to remember him, when I want something, or I am in a pickle to beg him for help to get me out of it. To this he nudges me saying, whatever it is, I may be sad, I may be hurt but I love you my child and I always will. I tell him back I am sorry I know I have taken you for granted and always promise you that I won’t do the same, but shamelessly find excuses to break the promises again. he looks back and just smiles at me.

My point to all of you is and to myself is, why remember him only when something great happens or when we desperately need His providence, why not remember him every day and with our biggest brightest smile tell him, thank you for whatever you have done, you are doing and will do because I know that whatever you do for me it will be for my own good and I trust you completely and not to forget, I love you too. :*


As I get lost in my thoughts again, God tells me, my child, your post is going to make a difference, thank you and gives me his biggest brightest smile. 😀