Hey everyone,
I am back with a beauty product review that I had promised you guys would be up, post me taking the #HappyHairChallenge. Guys, It feels great to be a part of a challenge as there is a certain undefined energy that just drives you to take up the challenge.

When I started this challenge of accomplishing happy hair, I had written a post on my emotions about this challenge, the condition of my hair, my woes and also my first impression of this lovely Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition duo here #HappyHairChallenge that has very promising results as the brand claims.
To begin with, here is what Garnier claims:-
The shampoo and conditioner are enriched with the goodness of Olive, Almond & Coconut Oils and fruit vitamins; Triple Nutrition Range nourishes and strengthens hair from scalp, through lengths to tips, leaving hair strong, nourished, shiny and manageable.
The conditioner has been specially developed for Indian women and has an exquisite fragrance.
Price- INR 135/- each for the shampoo and conditioner.
Shelf Life- 36 months

My experience with the shampoo-conditioner duo.
The duo is packed and designed well with its easily distinguishable features between the shampoo and conditioner. It has a mesmerizing fragrance too that I am totally in love with and not to forget the color of the products too that breads from the odd. I had mentioned that my biggest woes were severe hair fall followed by undernourishment of my hair, oily scalp and split ends. As I embarked on this journey absolutely ignorant of what and where it’s going to lead me in terms of emotions, I am thrilled to tell you that it was a happy journey doing this challenge.
The shampoo has helped nourish my hair right from the start and I feel that my hair is now stronger than before and also my biggest woe, i.e. the hair fall issue has reduced considerably and must I say I was totally shocked because this product rocked in this department. It however had just a mild effect on my scalp and I did not see any noticeable improvement at all on the split ends part too. One thing I would like to suggest to the girls who have the habit of oiling their hair before washing it, is that they should try to use  more than the normally required shampoo to wash off the oil completely with this product. I tried the normal way after washing my hair after the oil massage my beloved mum gave me, my hair still remained a bit oily which made me a bit sad and discontented.
This is the first time I have come across a conditioner that can be used on the scalp too. Big thumbs up to this and so remember to use the conditioner a bit more lavishly than the usual use. The duo makes your hair very soft and extra shiny and my knots were easily unknotted which was another trait I loved about this duo. A word of caution though,  if you don’t repeat the process every 2 days you would tend to see you hair becoming dull.
To give you a quick refresh
1.  The benefit of three essential oils Almond, Coconut and Olive.
2. Soft and shiny hair.
3. Reduces hair fall.
4. Stronger hair.
5. Nourished hair.
6. Eases in unknotting your hair.
7. Conditioner can be used on scalp too.
8. Lovely fragrance.
9. Affordable.
1. No reduction in split-ends.
2. Dull hair if not used regularly.
3. Requires extra use of shampoo when using after an oil massage.
So guys, overall I would say this product works for everyone especially with major woes of hair fall, shine, smoothness and nourishment issues. Also it’s not heavy on the pocket too. The conditioner which can be used on the scalp is a great revelation. I really loved how my hair became super soft and silky and the fragrance just made me feel so good about myself.
I definitely would be buying this product as it works great for my hair woes.
My rating for the Triple Nutrition Duo would be 4/5.
If you guys have tried this product or want to go on a #HappyHairChallenge like me after reading my views do comment below, I would love to be a part of you happy hair story.
PS:- #HappyHairChallenge = #HappyHair = #HappyMe