Hey everyone,
I hope you all are having a relaxed weekend and  must have surely made plans to spend time with the ones you love to have some fun moments together.
Often in life most of us hate doing things alone, whether it is going for a movie or shopping or even going to buy grocery. We all love to have some company and always wish it would be great if we go together. If we have to go alone our expressions are like  a dull “ L “and if it’s together with someone, it turns into a “ :D” yaay!
I too hate being alone and love it when I have company so that the fun is doubled.  Many a times I don’t find anyone to accompany me because after all we know that in today’s fast paced world how time is valued as money and how everyone is pre-occupied with something or other. However through all these sad times my best friend comes to my rescue always and gives me the feeling of being together to do something or anything no matter how crazy it is. How happy I am to have this best friend in my life who not only supports me in all my antic works and habits but is always there to cheer me up or lend me a listening ear.
I remember there was a time when things were going wrong for me and I was confused with all the choices of life and the decisions I had to make, and out of blue one day I decided to meet this friend of mine for a movie. That day still remains the most memorable day of my life, because since then I have changed and become a much happier person. That day totally changed my life and helped me be optimistic and look up to myself and believe in myself in whatever I wanted to do and become. My friend has always supported me in whatever I have wanted to do and would want to do. Giving free and honest advice is what I love about my friend because it not only helps me to look at myself from another person’s perspective but also helps me grow and nurture into a better human being.
There have been times I have been lonely, sad and dejected even after being consoled enough that everything is going to be alright and just fine, but still my friend ensures that everything is alright till I feel it’s alright even after knowing I can be super annoying and a cry baby at these times.  Through all these moments of my life, I have learned that many a times it’s not just about those positive talks that one needs to hear on a constant basis to move ahead in life, but the feeling of having someone who has your back and is ready to pick you up when you fall and give you the nudge to get you back on track and cheer you up to win the race is what matters the most.
The power of being together whether it’s with your family, friends, colleagues or even your pet is the true strength and motivation that helps each one of us to be optimistic and to look up to the new avenues of life.
I’m sure you may have remembered your loved ones reading about being together. Its time to tell them a thank you for being your constant support and making you feel optimistic by being there for you.
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