Life is like a book, it goes on and on until you reach its end. As we age, we not only grow but become smarter and wiser.

At every stage in life, our goals keep changing depending on our needs, wants and desires. At some point in our life, our dream of owning a house becomes our goal.

While almost everyone dreams to own a house, it is an absolute joy when we can convert that house into our home.

In the current scenario that we are facing in terms of property prices, few questions lie in front of us such as whether to buy a house or no? is it better to stay on rent or buy a house? Is it worth paying such a huge sum of EMI’s for a housing loan?

While the questions we are faced with are endless and debatable depending on a lot of factors. We finally end up deciding based on our analysis of cost towards renting a house or buying a house.

During this analysis, one is faced with important questions such as the fact of taking a loan to buy a house which comes with long durations of repayment and interest rates which ultimately add up and increase the cost of buying a house. Or questions such as how many times will you change your rented house and keep moving places.

While renting a house in today’s times seems to be the best option, we end up realising the fact that a rented house can never be a place we call home.

Home is that one place, where we not only have our loved ones with us but also is a place where we have a lot of our memories attached too. It’s supposed to be a permanent place whose emotional value is difficult and near to impossible to quantify.

Understanding this emotional value of your dreams to not just own a house, but build a home, Wonder Home Finance Ltd. was launched by the well-known RK group.

RK group being the country’s leading diversified business houses, incorporated WHFL with a view of providing finance through home loans and business MSME loans keeping in mind the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY)

It was launched on 1st August 2018 in Jaipur, Rajashtan and its current focus is lending business across the length and breadth of Rajasthan and gradually moving to the neighbouring states and ultimately the whole of India.

It currently has 9 branches (Jaipur-4, Udaipur, Bikaner, Jodhpur, Chittorgarh & Rajsamand) and is in the process of opening up another 20 branches within a span of one month across the state, where it can lend financial assistance to people.

Ashok Patni, Chairman of RK Group said that WHFL vision is to deliver unified financial services to the people of our country and also to complete the vision of the Government of “Housing for all by 2022”

Sanjay Singh Rajawat, Co-founder, CEO & Director of WHFL said that they aim to deliver the highest quality products & service to customers through proven professionals, best-in-class technology and customer-friendly processes.

Their self-sourcing model instead of dependence on DSAs, digital-sales & customer applications, faster turnaround time, doorstep service, minimum documentation, best in class after sales & support services, having no hidden charges and a very disciplined financial management is a total customer-centric approach.

As they have started their journey of keeping the customer first and being your life partner throughout your journey of building a home, Raunak Singh Mohnot co-founder & CFO of Wonder Home Finance Ltd has no doubts that they will become a synonym to housing finance.

So, while you weigh your options of renting or buying a house, don’t forget to check Wonder Home Finance Ltd who is forever ready to be your trusted home buying partner.

P.S Their website has a loan eligibility and Emi calculator which will help you make your decision faster.